Planned Parenthood: Fast Facts

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider and promoter in the nation
  • 329,445 abortions took place at Planned Parenthood facilities in 2010 [1].
    -Planned Parenthood performs more abortions than any other abortion business in America.
  • 91% of “services” for pregnant mothers at Planned Parenthood in 2010 were abortions.
    -Compare 329,445 abortions to 31,098 prenatal services and just 841 adoption referrals to other agencies [1].
  • 11% of Planned Parenthood clients receive abortions [2].
  • By the lowest possible estimate, Planned Parenthood facilities made $98,833,500 in revenue from abortions in 2010 [3].
  • Planned Parenthood has mandated that every one of its 79 regional affiliates must perform abortions [4].
  • Contrary to public statements made by former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, no Planned Parenthood facilities provide mammograms, only referrals [5].
  • Though Planned Parenthood claims to prevent abortions through promotion of birth control, by their own reporting, Planned Parenthood performs more abortions than they claim to prevent.
    -Compare 277,000 estimated abortions averted per year with 329,445 abortions performed in 2010 [2, 1].


Planned Parenthood consistently…

  • supports partial-birth abortion.
  • opposes parental involvement for minors seeking abortions.
  • opposes Women’s Right to Know (informed consent for abortion) legislation.
  • opposes ultrasound legislation.
  • opposes surgical abortion facility health regulations.
  • advocates for mandated taxpayer funding of abortion.


  • Planned Parenthood is currently under Congressional investigation due concerns regarding their non-compliance with statutory rape reporting requirements and misuse of federal funds.
  • Audits of Planned Parenthood affiliates by numerous states have found the abortion business committing massive Medicaid fraud by consistently overbilling the government for birth control and misreporting services as “family planning services.”  Federal and state audits have shown Planned Parenthoods in New York State in particular committing fraud [6].
  • Undercover investigations by Live Action reveal consistent failure by Planned Parenthood staff nation-wide to report statutory rape and even sex trafficking of minors [7].