About New York State Right To Life

Mission Statement

The mission of the New York State Right to Life Committee, Inc. is to engage in educational, charitable, and scientific projects or purposes including specifically, but not in limitation of the foregoing:

Primarily to present fully detailed and factual information upon which individuals and the general public may make an informed decision about the various topics of fetal development, abortion, alternatives to abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide;

To reaffirm the principle that all human beings are created equal and are endowed at creation with certain fundamental rights among which is the right to life;

To advocate the right to life of dependent and helpless human beings including the unborn child;

To promote legal, political, social and cultural reforms designed to insure both the right to life and human dignity to dependent and helpless human beings;

To engage in all legitimate activities intended to facilitate the attainment of the above-referenced purposes.

What We Do

College Outreach

We have brochures and videos on abortion, post abortion syndrome, physician assisted suicide, fetal development, teen abortion, and involuntary euthanasia. We sponsor educational projects and assist an existent network of pro-life groups with other state outreach opportunities on their campuses throughout New York state. We work with other students to develop new pro-life groups. College professors and students are welcome to contact our office for ways that they can reach the pro-life youth of New York State.

Educational Materials

We have brochures and videos on abortion, post abortion syndrome, physician assisted suicide, fetal development, teen abortion, involuntary euthanasia and managed care. Fetal models, bumper stickers, pins, buttons and more are available to help you promote the pro-life message.

Minority Outreach

We have special resources available for minority communities including Spanish brochures, videos and an African American power point presentation.

Oratorical Contest

Each year we sponsor a statewide oratorical contest for high school juniors and seniors. This involves writing a five to seven minute oration and presenting it at a local contest. Winners participate in the statewide contest and compete for a chance to go to the national contest.

Pastor and Church Outreach

We welcome requests from pastors for information and have a referral network of pastors who can help with ideas, sermons, or other assistance. We have information, materials, and other resources available to help you reach your church. More Information

Speakers Bureau

We provide speakers free of charge for schools, churches, community groups, etc. We also welcome opportunities to debate.

Speakers Training Sessions

We conduct speakers trainings in different areas of the state. If you are interested in becoming a trained speaker, a speakers bureau coordinator, or if you would like to set up training in your area, please contact our office.

Wills to Live

Wills to Live are legal documents that protect your life and the lives of those you love when you are unable to speak for yourself. They are available free of charge.

Youth Outreach

We provide students with materials or other assistance with presentations or projects about abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide. We encourage students interested in starting a pro-life club at school to call us for guidance.

Please contact our office if we can assist you in any way.

Brief History

After several unsuccessful attempts in the mid-60’s, the New York State legislature passed the nation’s first abortion-on-demand bill, by one vote, in 1970. Individuals, dismayed by the new law, began to write and talk to their legislators, and to organize. Within two years a “repealer” bill was passed, but was vetoed by Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. Clearly, education of the public about the reality of abortion had to take priority, and “Right to Lifers” throughout New York State turned to the task.

In 1972, the New York State Right to Life Committee was incorporated and opened an office, staffed by volunteers. When the Supreme Court, in its January 22, 1973, Roe v. Wade decision, ruled that the unborn child was not a person and the right to privacy encompassed the right to an abortion until birth, legislative action shifted from just the state level to the state and national levels. The New York State Right to Life Committee was a strong force in the founding of the National Right to Life Committee.

The scope of the New York State Right to Life Committee was enlarged in 1977 by the establishment of the New York State Right to Life Educational Trust and the New York State Right to Life Political Action Committee. Currently, we staff a central office in Albany. Our organization is funded entirely by voluntary contributions.

The New York State Right to Life Committee, Inc. works directly with the National Right to Life Committee, Inc. in monitoring all legislation which affects the lives and status of the pre-born, newborn, those with disabilities and the dependent elderly. Through a network of local affiliates, the New York State Right to Life Committee helps to encourage communication among active pro-lifers, coordinate state-wide activities, and organize more effectively. The Board of Directors is the policy-making body of the New York State Right to Life Committee, Inc. It is comprised of six officers (Chairman; 1 st Vice Chairman; 2nd Vice Chairman; Secretary, Treasurer, Delegate to National Right to Life) and Area Directors who are selected by, and represent, the affiliated groups across the state.

New York State Right to Life’s Legacy of Life, has been built over these decades and continues to be enriched daily. The legacy has grown in value, a value which cannot be measured in financial terms. The legacy is the result of continuing efforts of a diversity of people who share a deep and abiding commitment to restoring respect for the sanctity of innocent human life. We are committed to do whatever we can, with whatever we have, for as long as we are able – until the time comes when innocent human life is once again respected.