Dear Friend of Life,

Thank you for your concern for unborn children and those in danger of euthanasia. The NYSRTLC is not government funded like our opponents, but rather accomplishes our work solely through private donations. We need your help. You have our promise that we are 100% committed to working intelligently and passionately for the end of abortion and halting the trend toward euthanasia in our state. We know the culture can be changed and invite you to join us in continuing to build a pro-life New York. Please join us in fighting for their lives.

Ways to give:

  • Make a secure online donation through Cornerstone. (see below)
  • Donate by check. (see below)
  • Call NYSRTL at 518-434-1293 to donate by credit card over the phone.
  • Participate in NYSRTL Educational Trust’s car donation program. (Call NYSRTL at 518-434-1293 for more information.)
  • Support a specific project. (Give us a call at 518-434-1293 and we will be happy to tell you more about our life-saving projects in need of your support.)
  • Make a gift in the name of a loved one, who will receive an acknowledgement from NYSRTL.
  • Become a monthly donor. This program is vital to our ability to work with the lowest possible fundraising overhead. (Minimum monthly donation by credit card is $10 and by checking account $4.  Call NYSRTL at 518-434-1293 to become a monthly donor.)

Donations to the New York State Right to Life Committee

are not tax deductible

Donations to the New York State Right to Life Education Trust

are tax deductible, as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service

Donations to the IE Election

are not tax deductible