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The NYS legislature has gone into recess until the new year. Among the many pernicious bills that are moving through the process but did NOT pass (hallelujah!) is one that targets pro-life pregnancy centers. It would require them to submit staggering amounts of data on their operations, procedures, and clients.

Call your legislators and ask for a “NO” vote on this bill when it comes up. Check the list of NY legislative measures to access why this bill is so bad.  Actually, since the state legislators are back home now, you could even go in to chat with them.  Good idea to set up a meeting time first.

There were many bills that did not pass into law that would have been very bad for the babies and the ill elderly.  Some of them may have been held back by their sponsors because of the expressed disapproval of people like you.  Bravo!

The 2022 midterm elections will be coming up before you know it. If your elected reps aren’t pro-life, see if there are some pro-lifers interested in running and encourage them.  If your elected reps are pro-life, encourage them, too!

Also, if you have some spare time this summer, maybe you might consider helping your local pregnancy center in their valuable work.

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