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 Election day is Tuesday, November 2, and NYSRTL would like you to vote!

We ask that you pay special attention to what looks boring, but is very important: proposed amendments to the New York State Constitution.  There are three proposed amendments that we oppose vigorously.

Proposition 1 would hamper or even destroy the unbiased plan put forward by former Mayor Ed Koch, the creation of the Independent Redistricting Commission.  The Commission is structured to re-draw district lines in a way that is fair to both majority and minority parties, whichever they are.  Therefore, we oppose messing with the Independent Redistricting Commission.

Proposition 3 would allow same day voter registration, without requiring the voter to then vote via a provisional ballot.  Instead, they may be allowed to vote by the regular machine process, which means that if the registration is later determined to be invalid, the vote cannot be backed out.  Therefore, we oppose unrestricted same-day voter registration.

Proposition 4 allows no-excuse absentee ballots, a perfect invitation to voter fraud and a guaranteed overload for those counting ballots.  Just remember the last election, where Covid-prompted absentee ballots caused long delays in reporting results.  Therefore, we oppose no-excuse absentee ballots.          

All in all, these propositions threaten  election integrity, a threat NY certainly doesn’t need.  Protecting election integrity means that votes cast by legitimate voters will actually count.

For additional information, check the link below and also see the memo of opposition through the Legislative Summary above.

 And thank you for caring for the most vulnerable among them.


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