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Cuomo's allies one seat away from a pro-abortion majority

Sometimes encouragement comes from odd places.

A few weeks ago, the New York Observer reported that Independent Democrat Committee Chairman, Senator Jeff Klein, explained why Cuomo's abortion-expansion bill failed to pass last year: “Since I’ve been in the New York State Senate, for nine years, there have not been 32 senators who were pro-choice.”

Senator Klein is correct. This past legislative session, there were 31. One pro-abortion senator short of a majority.

That margin is a little close for comfort when the lives of countless unborn children are on the line.

The Observer continued: "Mr. Klein said that the responsibility for failing to pass the act lay at the feet of right-to-life Democrats and Republicans – and, ultimately, voters."

That's right. We are the ones who have held back abortion expansion – through our votes – and it is our responsibility to ensure the children have our votes on their side in November.

Every state senator is up for reelection this year, meaning we cannot assume pro-lifers will maintain that nail-biting, one-vote margin that stopped abortion expansion last session.

The babies need your vote and they need your voice.

New York State Right to Life is doing everything we can to education and activate pro-life voters on the candidates' positions on abortion, especially in the weeks leading up to the election, which is just a month away. We need volunteers across New York State to join us if we want to have an impact on this election.

Can you give a few hours of your time to make sure New York's children are safe from a pro-abortion majority in our state legislature? Can you send a check made out to our federal NYSRTL Political Action Committee or state NYSRTL Political Committee? Or click here to donate online.

Call us if you can volunteer: 518-434-1293. We would love to discuss how you can join our efforts to education voters in your area.

And, please, make every effort to share this endorsement list with your pro-life family and friends.


November elections are right around the corner!  The success of our legislative efforts relies upon the election of pro-life candidates to offices in every level of government.

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