The New York State Right to Life Committee PAC is supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

Mr. Trump has met the criteria of the PAC on the life issues and he is running a serious campaign.

He has also said he will appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court and will not approve funding for Planned Parenthood as long as they are in the abortion business.

His opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton is a strong proponent of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. She supports Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States, and encourages efforts at the United Nations to make abortion a fundamental human right throughout the world..

In an article that appeared in the Washington Examiner a few months ago, Donald Trump said, "The next president must follow those principles that work best and that reinforce the reverence Americans hold for life.....it is by preserving our culture of life that we will Make America Great Again."


In our April LifeWorks...



Assisted Suicide Legislation Held Back for 2015,

Still a Threat

Although the New York State legislative session came to a close without a vote on assisted suicide legislation, the threat is far from over. When a bill does not come up for a vote it is not by luck: concerned citizens communicating with legislators, grassroots mobilization, and lobbying are essential.

NYS Right to Life worked actively to oppose this legislation: we ran radio ads in key districts, our Lobby for Life Day featured a speaker addressing the dangers of assisted suicide, we alerted grassroots supporters far and wide, and hired extra staff to be at the Capitol during the crucial final weeks of the legislative session.

Thank you for responding to our alerts and contacting your representatives. Your calls, emails, letters, and sounding the alarm via social media made a difference. The vulnerable whose lives are at stake cannot afford for us to be silent: thank you for standing up and making your voice heard!

As you know, assisted suicide continues to be a hot topic and we are not the only state fighting this battle. Your continued action is necessary to protect vulnerable individuals in our state. This legislation will be back up in the next legislative session.

Please, contact your legislators, write letters to the editor of your local newspapers, call into local radio shows, and engage your social media contacts to oppose the danger of assisted suicide. See talking points and specific concerns about the assisted suicide legislation at this page.

Your financial support is also crucial as we continue to fight this battle, educating fellow New Yorkers on the dangers of assisted suicide and ensuring a continued presence at the legislature. You can donate now at this page to help keep assisted suicide out of our state.

Thank you for standing for the life and dignity of every member of our human family.

For Immediate Release:                                                                  For More Information:
January 16, 2015                                                                                Jessica Rodgers 518.434.1293


ALBANY- Earlier this week, the New York State Senate passed, 62-0, eight bills under the umbrella of the Women’s Equality Agenda (WEA). Despite the unanimous Senate support, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has indicated that he will not support passage of genuine women’s equality legislation, instead demanding an unpopular and dangerous piece of legislation to enshrine third-trimester abortion into New York law. 

“Expanding abortion is completely counter to women’s equality, as abortion is outright discrimination against a member of the human family based solely on their age and location,” said Barbara Meara, chairman of New York State Right to Life (NYSRTL). “Legalizing abortion by non-doctors and enshrining third-trimester abortion for any reason in to law is not just lethal for unborn children but dangerous for women.”

The original Women’s Equality Agenda was saddled with a tenth point that would enshrine third-trimester abortion for any reason into New York State law and would even allow non-doctors to perform abortions. The Assembly has held the Women’s Equality Agenda hostage to radical abortion expansion.

The majority of New Yorkers oppose expanding New York’s abortion law to allow for these dangerous provisions, and thanks to the hard work of NYSRTL and grassroots pro-lifers across the state, the 2014 elections saw a majority of pro-lifers elected to the state senate who will protect our most vulnerable citizens.

We applaud the New York State Senate, under the pro-life, pro-woman leadership of Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, for passing bills that will actually help women, and we call on the New York Assembly to follow the Senate’s lead and put women above the abortion lobby’s political agenda,”  added Meara.

New York State Right to Life is the oldest and largest pro-life organization in New York. An affiliate of National Right to Life, NYSRTL works through education, legislation, and political action to protect the unborn, elderly, and medically vulnerable among us. 



As New Yorkers enjoy this beautiful (and cold!) holiday season, the opportunity for pro-life action is greater than ever! Check out our Get Involved page for details on all of these upcoming events! 



April 10, 2014

The following statement can be attributed to Barbara Meara, Chairman.


New York State Right to Life Statement Response to Health Commissioner Resignation

“The Real War on Women Just Lost a General”


The NYS Right to Life Committee is relieved that the State Commissioner of Health, Nirav Shah, has stepped down in the face of criticism from pro-life groups and from the Republican candidate for Governor, Rob Astorino that the safety of women has been sacrificed to protect the abortion industry.


According to the records obtained by the Chiaroscuro Foundation by a Freedom of Information request, only 17 of the 225 abortion clinics in New York State were inspected over the last 13 years. And the names of the clinics that have been inspected are not available to the public.


The silence from our Governor and other Democratic leaders has been deafening.  With few exceptions, like Sen. Diane Savino and Sen. Rev. Ruben Diaz, there has been no sense of outrage from those who claim to be the great defenders of women.


In fact, it is they who wage a "war on women" by ignoring the complications of abortion and then ignoring the lack of standards of care in the abortion clinics. (And by refusing to pass a ban on sex-selective abortion.)


Despite the horrors that were uncovered during the Gosnell trial last year and the revelations by Live Action, a pro-life organization that recorded abortion clinic workers in New York State telling people posing as a pimp and a prostitute how to get abortions for underage girls, neither the Governor nor the State Health Commissioner has taken any action.


The tired claim that the neo-feminist abortion defenders are the champions of women just gets more absurd by the day.  True feminism rejects any form of violence against women and children. 


Now, we will see if Governor Cuomo steps up and calls for compliance with basic health safety standards for abortion clinics or continues to act as their defender in chief.



March 4, 2014

Three obstetrician/gynecologists offer their expert opinion regarding the abortion expansion measures being pushed by Governor Cuomo and supported by Senator Tim Kennedy in the Buffalo News:

Due to advances in neonatal care over the last 30 years, after 24 weeks’ gestation, babies are capable of surviving outside their mother’s womb. When the continuation of pregnancy after 24 weeks constitutes a serious risk to a woman’s health and life, or there is a need to treat serious medical or surgical diseases in the mother (cancer), in high-risk maternity units throughout the state, obstetricians safely and legally “terminate pregnancies.” This maternal life and health saving “termination of pregnancy” is called delivering the baby. 

...these tiny and precious babies deserve our love and care, even if it is only for a brief moment in their mother’s arms.

Read the entire letter here.

Protecting Unborn Children is Too Extreme?


On Friday, January 17th, Governor Cuomo told The Capitol Pressroom,

"Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life..... Is that who they are? Because if that's who they are and they're the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that's not who New Yorkers are." 

New York State Right to Life Executive Director Lori Kehoe quickly responded, 

"If he wasn't serious, it would almost be laughable that Governor Cuomo, who still advocates for no protective regulation on up-to-birth abortion, would consider the pro-life position to be extreme. New Yorkers stood up in force against his violent abortion agenda last year and, as a result, the Senate held the line against third trimester abortion. The facts speak for themselves. It's clear who is too extreme for New York, and it's certainly not the majority of New Yorkers who are opposed to expanding our already-extreme abortion law."

Pro-lifers know that without life, there are no other rights. New Yorkers know we need to stand up for the vulnerable among us. Please join us in this effort. Governor Cuomo thinks we're too extreme for New York, but there's nothing extreme in protecting the right to life.
Sign our petition now to take a stand for Life! 




It is critically important that YOU and all New Yorkers come to Lobby for Life Day to show your support for the dignity of all human life! For more information, click here.



Sign the petition!

The Governor’s abortion agenda involves enshrining a barbaric federal law from the last century. We don't need abortionists like Kermit Gosnell setting up their horrific third trimester abortion business to New York State! Click here to sign the petition.


2013 Convention Update

Hundreds of New Yorkers attended New York State Right to Life's 2013 Convention on Saturday, October 19, in Oneonta, NY! Recordings of the speakers can be heard here. The slides accompanying the presentation given by Burke Balch, J.D., director of the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics, can be found here


Gov. Visits Historic Pro-Life Feminist Site

June 5, 2013

Today Governor Cuomo will visit Seneca Falls, site of the 1848 women’s rights convention, to discuss his so-called Women’s Equality Act. 

This is a shameless act comparable to defamation of character. 

The Seneca Convention was organized by strong, pro-life feminists such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  To them, pro-life feminism would have been a redundancy.  Stanton’s articles in The Revolution spoke against the “murder of children, either before or after birth” (February 5, 1868). 

Like Stanton, true feminists today reject violence as an answer to social problems.  We are horrified by the governor’s push for enshrining third trimester abortion in New York State law and worse – including it in something that pretends to defend the equality of women. Alice Paul, author of the original Equal Rights Amendment (1923), once asked, “How can one protect and help women by killing them as babies?”

Worldwide, when unborn children are aborted for sex selection reasons, it is overwhelmingly little girls who die.  The Governor has still failed to embrace a ban on sex-selection abortion in our state.

In fact, if New York State had protections against sex-selection abortion the Governor’s absurdly named Women’s Equality Act would overturn them.

The Governor’s newly released abortion expansion agenda seeks to enshrine third trimester abortion into state law and withdraws the requirement that a physician perform them. Current law protects children after 24 weeks and states that only a duly licensed physician may perform an abortion. This bill repeals that section and allows anyone to perform an abortion (Article 125.05 Penal Law). 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, New York already has the highest level of induced abortion in the nation. In 2009, 119,996 of New York’s children lost their lives to induced abortion. 

New York does not need more abortion. If anything, we need to address the underlying issues that make women feel like they have no other choice than to end the lives of their children.  As modern day feminist Frederica Mathews-Green put it so well, “No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg.”

New York State can and must embrace both the mother and her child.  We can and we must love them both. 



A Trojan Horse - A Beautifully Gift-Wrapped Package of Death and Destruction

June 5, 2013

The following statement can be attributed to Lori Kehoe, Executive Director, NYS Right to Life:

The governor’s Women’s Equality Act is nothing more than a Trojan Horse— a beautifully gift-wrapped package of death and destruction.

The Governor’s newly released abortion agenda involves enshrining a barbaric federal law from the last century. Under Roe v. Wade, abortionists like Kermit Gosnell can kill babies with a heartbeat, babies capable of feeling pain, babies who are full term and waiting to be born. Instead of protecting these children, the governor is dragging New York in the wrong direction.

Current law states that only a duly licensed physician may perform an abortion. This bill repeals that section and allows anyone to perform an abortion (Article 125.05 Penal Law).

The bill offers no guidance on how viability is determined.

Supreme Court precedent holds that determining the viability of babies is left entirely to the abortionist’s discretion. Allowing abortionists to determine the viability of babies is a major conflict of interest that should be remedied— not enshrined in New York State law.

Roe allows for abortion until the moment of birth. Currently, babies in the womb are protected in New York State law after 24 weeks (Article 125 Penal Law), except to save the mother’s life.

This bill would repeal that law and insert a "health" exception, broadly interpreted by the courts to include age, economic, social and emotional factors. If the governor has his way, third trimester abortion will become commonplace in New York State. This will expand abortion and increase the already staggering death toll.

If a mother needs to end her pregnancy in the third trimester, it can be safely ended with a C-section. A C-section takes minutes and results in a newborn baby. No one has to die. A third trimester abortion takes days endangering a mother’s life and results in a dead baby.

The Women’s Equality Act is unclear about conscience protections. The term healthcare provider is not defined. The bill says nothing about protecting those who oppose referring or counseling for abortions – even third trimester abortions.

We don’t need abortionists like Kermit Gosnell setting up their horrific third trimester abortion business in New York State.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, New York already has the highest level of induced abortion in the nation. In 2009, 119,996 of New York’s children lost their lives to induced abortion. Approximately 40% of pregnancies in New York City end in abortion. Among African Americans in New York City, that number climbs to 60%. In short, New York does not need more abortion. If anything, we need to address the underlying issues that make women feel like they have no other choice than to end the lives of their children.


Contact your state senator NOW and tell them to oppose the abortion-expanding "women's" bill. 

Call 518-455-2800 to be connected to your senator's office.

Abortionist Gosnell Convicted-Some Babies Safe Now

May 14, 2013

Dr. Kermit Gosnell has been convicted of three counts of murder and one count of involuntary manslaughter. He will never again murder tiny newborn or almost born babies in a violent, painful way. He will never again subject women to cruel and dangerous conditions in his clinic which has been described as a "house of horrors."

But babies continue to be killed violently and painfully even in abortion clinics that appear to be clean and sterile-and their mothers are often damaged too.

Just recently a young woman from New York State and her baby were killed by Dr. LeRoy Carhart in a facility in Maryland. Jennifer was 33 weeks pregnant with her daughter whom they had named Madison.

And in the Bronx, New York, a woman who was 23 weeks pregnant went undercover at Dr. Emily's clinic to find out how late term abortions were handled. She was told to flush the baby down the toilet if it was expelled (born) unexpectedly at home or bring the baby to the clinic where he or she would be put in a jar and covered with a toxic solution that would stop it (sic) from moving.

Dr. Gosnell's "clinic" was not the only place guilty of atrocities. There is no way to kill babies that is not atrocious.


 NYS Right to Life Begins Radio Buy to Expose

Governor's Abortion Expansion Agenda

NYSRTL is airing radio ads in several media markets in

New York State starting this week.

April 8, 2013

We hope to alert the people of New York to the extreme nature of Governor Cuomo's abotion expansion agenda--alowing abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, allowing non-doctors to perform this surgical procedure and threatening the conscience rights of those who don't wish to be complicit with abortion. The bill seeks to make abortion a fundamental human right, comparable to freedom of religion or freedom of speech. 

We ask all citizens who are concerned about the proliferation of abortion in New York, which is already known as the "abortion capital of our nation," to contact their state senators and ask them to vote against the Reproductive Health Act whether it appears alone or as part of the "Women's Equality Act."

Listen to "NYSRTL Radio Ad."



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National Right to Life President Carol Tobias on Health Care Rationing in the Obama Health Law:


Learn more about rationing in the Obama Health Law from NRLC's Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics at http://nrlc.org/HealthCareRationing/.



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