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New York State Right to Life (NYSRTL) is saddened that New York now has what Governor Andrew Cuomo ironically but rightly referred to as “the most aggressive” abortion law in the country.  The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) was sold to the public saying it merely “updates” the law by codifying Roe vs. Wade into our statute, which is not true.  RHA has made abortion a “fundamental right” and prohibits all limits on abortion, which Roe vs Wade did not do.  Roe referred to a trimester view toward protecting life, whereas RHA has expanded abortion-on-demand in New York past 24 weeks - well past when unborn children feel pain, are viable, and suffer during the course of an abortion – and up to birth.  This is inhumane.  While we look forward to the time when Roe vs Wade is overturned, under Roe various limits on abortion have repeatedly been upheld as constitutional and are favored by the majority of the public, including in New York.  The Governor routinely calls people of good will concerned with how we treat human life extreme, whereas it’s this new law that is truly extreme.  NYSRTL will continue to work to expose the misinformation put forth about RHA, protect children and their mothers, protect the rights of pro-life persons to engage in life-saving activities and express their views, and to build a culture of Life in New York.  Join us.

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